5 Ways To Become More Grounded

Hi everyone!

It’s Amanda from Joriki! I hope all has been well with you, and I am excited to connect again!

My schedule has been pretty nuts recently – travel, work, personal life, etc. And with this constant state of go, go go, I have found myself feeling pretttttty all over the place.

So with that said, I’ve drawn some inspiration from my current mood for my next blog.

Here are 5 ways to get grounded when you feel totally ungrounded.

1) Practice Yoga

Joriki Sedate Cirebon Legging

I’m not just saying to practice yoga because I work for Joriki, a yoga apparel company in Chicago. I truly believe it works. I mean, think about it, yoga is all about grounding yourself. It’s about channeling your energy downward, focusing on your body and connecting with earth, practicing balance, working on your breath, and last but not least, living in the present. Come on, there’s a pose called Tree – you can’t get more grounded than that!

On top of yoga helping to ground you, it’s also a total mood booster. Check out Joriki’s piece on Four Ways Yoga Can Help Improve Your Happiness.”

2) Say No

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I always grew up being a Yes Girl. Yes this. Yes that. Yes to everything.

What I learned? Always saying yes made me unhappy in the long run. I felt overwhelmed by everything I was doing, I was exhausted, and I was mentally drained.

So my second tip to becoming more grounded is to say no. If you are not completely feeling 110 percent up to it, don’t do it. Easy as that. Skip the party. There will always be another one. Plan dinner with your friend the following week. He or she will understand. Take time out for yourself.

3) Play The Five Senses Game

Joriki Sumba Warrior Collection

Stop everything you are doing. Now look around. What do you see? Maybe a dog? What does his or her fur look like? Is there a different pattern on each paw? Is the dog’s tail long or short? What color collar is he or she wearing? Pay attention to all of the details.

What do you hear? Is the wind really loud? Are there a ton of cars buzzing around and honking at one another? What are people talking about around you?

Touch your shirt. What does the fabric feel like when you brush your finger against it? How about when you pinch it together?

When you eat your lunch, what does it taste like? Don’t say good or bad – go deeper. Why is it good or bad? What ingredients are mixed together? Does one taste stronger than another?

Now take a deep breath through your nose. Does your lunch smell how it tastes? What else do you smell around you? The cologne or perfume someone nearby is wearing? The shampoo you washed your hair with this morning? The bad breathe of the person who is talking on the phone obnoxiously loud right next to you?

The Five Senses Game will bring you to this very moment. It will help you feel more centered. It will help ground you.

4. Speak With Someone And Pay Close Attention

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Have you ever asked someone what their name is and then accidentally totally zoned out? Like, you could not repeat his or her name for the life of you? Well, we are going to try to do the exact opposite of that with this exercise!

Whether you are talking to a total stranger, a friend, a family member, your significant other, or someone else, practice speaking and listening attentively.

By having a conversation and paying close attention, you are practicing being in the present and you are no longer living in La La Land (speaking of, we did a La La Land video remake in Chicago!) But please note, that you must really and truly engage in this conversation. Listen to what the other person is saying. Ask questions. Dig deeper. Try to connect.

5. Meditate

Joriki Chicago Flag Crop Legging

All the cool kids are meditating these days. I’m not saying I’m cool or anything like that, but I’ve done it as well. And I love it .

So stop resisting meditation. Give it a try.


Do not limit yourself to sitting down and focusing on your breath for an hour. That’s not the only way you can meditate! When it comes to meditation, the world is your oyster.

Try closing your eyes and visualizing a warm sun shining down on you and filling up your space with positive beams of light and energy. Try imagining that a cord is connected to your belly button and goes all the way down to the center of the earth. And through that cord, you push down all of your negative feelings and thoughts.

See? It can be fun. Get creative with it! There are also a lot of apps you can check out, like Headspace, for instance. I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

So, there you have it! Five ways to become more grounded. If you have not tried any of these tips yet, then I hope you will experiment! And if you have some secret tips of your own, please share the wealth of knowledge. I would love to learn about them!

Stay grounded friends, and I look forward to connecting again soon! Thank you for reading and namaste 🙂


Amanda from Joriki

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