The Power of Meditation

Guest blog by Amanda Cohen, Director of Marketing at Joriki.


Meditation. There’s a lot of energy around that word.

Some people love it, while others are totally against it. Some people think it helps, while others think it’s a fallacy.

Me personally? I love meditation.


Ashley Novak in the Sumba Warrior Collection


There was a point in time where I meditated every single day. I actually paid a heck of a lot of money (let’s be honest, I would have spent it on clothes that I would probably have only worn once) to go to a meditation school called InVision where I took at least five different classes. The classes were six weeks long, and we would meet once a week for three hours – simply to meditate.

I know what you are probably thinking. “Whatttttt, I can’t focus on my breath for three hours!”

I think that’s the problem – many people don’t know what meditation means. They think it’s limited to sitting down and breathing and breathing and breathing.

Ok, so yes, of course, in meditation you practice on your breath and your body – this strengthens your mindfulness and self-awareness, but that’s only the beginning. There is so much more you can do with meditation.


Kaitlin Larsen in the Sumba Warrior Collection


I learned so many different visualizations and practices that helped with happiness, anxiety, letting go, and being present. I learned so many tools that helped shape me to become a better version of myself and to manifest positive things that I wanted in my life.

If you give meditation a chance, you just might be pleasantly surprised.

So Okay, let’s give it a try!

Close your eyes. Imagine that there is a beautiful, bright sun shining right over your head. Feel the sunshine on your body. The warmness on your neck. The bright light beaming through your body.

Now start thinking about what makes you really happy. Is it laughing with your best friend? Kissing your significant other? Cooking dinner with your family? How about looking at a cute puppy that’s wiggling its tail and staring up at you. Or how about listening to the rain as you snuggle up in blankets and sip on hot cocoa (fellas, maybe that one’s not for you).


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Whatever it is that makes you happy – people, activities, things – imagine scooping all of that goodness up and putting it into the sun right above you. Now shut your eyes and imagine all of that beautiful happiness shining down on you. Filling you up with so much joy and love.

You might feel a body high or your mind might feel a sense of utopia. Or maybe you don’t feel anything at all and this visualization isn’t for you.

Let’s try another one.

Find a chair and close your eyes again. Plant your feet on the ground and place your palms on your thighs. Now with your mind, draw a line from your belly button all the way down to the center of earth.

Imagine the line turning into a straw so it has two openings – one at your belly and the other at the center of earth. What color is your straw? How wide is it?

Start thinking about negative things, thoughts, or people that you’ve been affected by – whether it’s today, yesterday, this past week, whenever. One by one, start pushing them down your straw. Get that negative thing, thought, or person out of your space and let it go down into earth.


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There is no time or room for toxicity. Gently say goodbye and allow yourself more space for the positive

I am a big believer that when you are hyperfocused on something bad, you are not allowing for good things to come your way. You only have so much space – you have to first be able to say bye to be able to say hello.

 Out of destruction comes creation.


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To be honest, I need to get back into the swing of meditation. I haven’t really been practicing because, well, life gets in the way. But the truth of the matter is we are all busy and have a lot going on. We make time for what’s important.

Like writing this blog so I can connect with all of my favorite LoT fans!

Have a great rest of your week and we will connect again soon!



Amanda from Joriki


Joriki is a high-end brand of unique yoga apparel. Social consciousness is the fabric of our brand, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to support a carefully selected set of organizations that fight global poverty. We draw our inspiration from around the world, and with each purchase, our customer will be giving back into those communities that desperately need assistance.

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