About Us

We are a couple that was brought together by chance, forever by choice and bonded by our love of exploring the world and National Parks.

We hope our Life of Travels inspires you to start your own adventure.


You can reach out to us with any questions or inquiries: lifeoftravels@gmail.com

If you want to work with us check out the services we provide and examples of our work.


About Hilary

Some of Hilary’s earliest memories are Caribbean vacations with her family – painting pottery in Jamaica, scuba diving in the Bahamas, and simply playing in the sands of Turks and Caicos. This exposure to travel has stuck with her and pushed her to new corners of the world.

When she’s not trying to fit half her closet into a carry-on bag, Hilary is flexing her skills in Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy. After a 5-year stint at a big consulting firm where she helped large International Brands better understand and reach their customers, she’s gone rogue. Now Hilary is our Life of Travels strategist who is here to help your brand reach its potential through compelling content and increased exposure.

Dream Destinations: Bhutan, New Zealand, Mongolia, Patagonia.


About Kevin

Kevin is passionate about learning through experience, and has found travel to be a great opportunity to grow.

When Kevin travels he looks forward to gaining an understanding of new cultures, meeting people from different corners of the globe, and setting eyes on a completely new nature and landscapes

When he isn’t figuring out the best way to use points to travel the world, Kevin is a Managing Director with a Management Consulting firm where he uses his experience in analytics to support   organizations with big data projects.

Dream Destinations: New Zealand, Faroe Islands, Alaska, anywhere a Tesla Model S can take us